EP Review: ‘ZU BOX *1’ – NUZU


Hailing from North London, this exciting creative trio known as NUZU are looking to shake up the game in 2022, getting things off to an exciting start with the release of their brand new EP ZU BOX *1!

Never afraid of sonic experimentation, this troop consisting of rappers Kayes Mensah and Teige along with Producer/videographer Jack Wyer, have been messing with the UK rap mould since 2019.

Having honed their hard hitting, no punches pulled sound over the last three years, NUZU are now ready to hit us with a big-time three punch combo in the form of their debut EP ZU BOX *1.

With influences ranging from industrial, afrobeat, punk, drum n bass to trip hop, if we were forced at gun-point to describe ZU BOX*1 in one word we literally couldn’t. We’d say “high-octane” and get shot in the head. Straight up. But we’d get shot knowing we didn’t sell NUZU short… and that’s all that matters really init.

Opener NAILS is a crazy, teeth shattering banger that actually features samples from construction sites. That looks a bit mad on paper, but we swear it works! Both rappers spit with ferocious energy, their flows cutting through the overwhelming beat with a surprising ease.

Lead single and our favourite track PIPES is just an absoutle belter. Both rappers bring a playful, super amped, almost rave set energy to the track. You can just picture them going bar for bar on stage in front of you when you blare it out of your speakers (the only way it deserves to be played.) Also, it mentions Gateshead, that’s me hometown! You can’t imagine how gassed I was when I first heard this. Screaming this track from the window of my car from now on…

The finishing thud of the project, TEETH IN, ironically, like the rest of the EP, tries to knock your teeth out! Sounding something like an eerie film score re-imagined for going hard at a club, this mega track is an incredible way to conclude this face-smashingly good EP!

NUZU are coming for the game in 2022 and this latest EP is an absolutely unflinching statement of intent. ZU BOX *1 goes crazy hard. You need to get this listened to ASAP!