Album Review: ‘Past, Present, Future’ – Na8


We love nothing more on RIDE than a debut album! It’s the opportunity to really get stuck into what a new artist is all about and who they are. This time we’re diving into ‘Past, Present, Future’ by NA8!

Before taking in NA8’s music, it’s important we take a quick look at his story to give us some context for the album.

NA8’s journey to becoming an artist has taken him miles and miles around the globe. Originally based in London, NA8 travelled throughout Europe before eventually moving to the US to study music production and follow his dreams.

Now calling Nashville, TN his home, NA8 has began to thrive musically, linking up with the local rap scene and taking his artistry to the next level. After being inspired by injustices he was witnessing in his new hometown, NA8 decided it was time to start releasing the music he’d been writing.

He then dropped his first single in late 2020, before going back into the booth and working on a culmination of all of his work so far. The debut album: ‘Past, Present, Future’.

This smooth 12 track album is packed with old school, golden age hip-hop vibe. It’s clear NA8 takes influence from the greats, but he still incorporates modern trap influences throughout.

NA8’s style hits like prime Lil Wayne mixed with his own distinct international flavour. You can tell NA8 is well travelled and that this travel has had an influence on the way he raps. His accent is different to most other rappers in the country right now, it’s refreshing to hear a voice that your not used to hearing on classic hip-hop beats.

Throughout the album NA8 explores the experiences that made him who he is today, how he deals with current everyday struggles and how he plans to hustle his way to the top in future. The project is a real journey of self-discovery that NA8 invites you to candidly join in on.

‘Past, Present, Future’ is a poignant exploration of life in modern American from one of the most unique voices in the rap game right now. NA8 is coming from a whole new perspective and we’re so ready for more of it! Don’t sleep on this guy!