EP Review: ‘Darkest Days’ – Tad


Darkest Days is the brand new sophomore EP from fast rising UK Rap artist Tad.

Featuring the 2021 single Showman, this lean five track EP sees Tad team up with producers Noah Wu, Ddiltz Productions and Westy Productions and features guest vocals from UK Grime pioneer Mic Righteous and traditional Portuguese Fado vocalist Beatriz Correia.

Tad goes pedal to the metal from start to finish on the project, virtually never coming up from air after he starts spitting with his signature fast flow. He’s really flexing his lyrical muscles on this one EP, Tad wants everyone to know he’s an artist that’s got the ability to be one of the UK’s greatest.

Delivering a range of styles, this eclectic EP shows exactly why the industry should have Tad on their radar. He’s absolutely relentless behind the mic and it’s an absoutle job to listen to on Darkest Days.

An incredibly impressive EP, Darkest Days stamps Tad’s place as one of the most exciting upcoming rappers in the UK!