C Cane

Single Review: ‘First Person’ – C Cane

First Person
 is a new-wave R’n’Drill hit from London-based, Congolese artist C Cane. You read that right, R’n’Drill. This incredibly catchy track sees C Cane mix her soft R’N’B melodies with a cold skippy drill beat.

C Cane beautifully subverts the violent expectations of drill on this one. It’s a modern take on a the classic love story, that feeling when you’re just falling for someone new. Talking about the track, C Cane said “I wanted to take the listener out on a date with this song”. Overall, C Cane wanted to express the notion that everyone deserves to be loved and respected.

Sweet melodic vocals sit side by side with wicked lyrical flows that balance each other our perfectly. C Cane has dismantled what we accept as ‘the norm’ in relationships with this track and she’s done in with absoutle style.

‘First Person’ is feeling like a hit in the making, the R’n’B meets drill fusion works so well you’ll have it on repeat all day!