Single Review: ‘Self Love (Frequency)’ – KingDarius TheGreat X Aria Marie

One of the most talented spitters off the hot streets of Atlanta, KingDarius TheGreat, has linked up the super talented R&B songstress Aria Marie on brand new track Self Love (Frequency). And let us tell you, the world needs this track right now!

This beautiful track radiates positivity and hope. Coming with a smooth, classic melodic hip-hop beat that’s filled with drama, both of these artists bring the best out of each other on this one. They’re not aiming for heads, it’s hearts in their sights with Self Love (Frequency).

Aria Marie’s incredible voice on the hook is spellbinding, it’s catchy and compliments KingDarius’ epic verses with style. She’s a talent that is without doubt going to be turning heads globally this year.

As soon as KingDarius started spitting on this one our heads were nodding and our ears were tuned in. Not a wasting a bar, KD spits pure motivation, hitting you with inspiring philosophy alongside witty punchline after witty punchline.

It’s not only his lyricism that blows us away on this track, it’s KD’s delivery. His cadence is so smooth and his this natural drama, this natural ‘epic’ storytelling quality about it. He spits with this subtle melody that conveys such powerful emotion. Without being preachy, KD still manages to come across like he’s whole heartedly trying to give you some life altering wisdom.

We genuinely could listen to KingDarius TheGreat spit all day over an emotional beat like this one. It just works so well for him, he flows with absolute finesse on them. He’s an A1 level rapper, undoubtably. It’s time to put some respect on his name!

Self Love (Frequency) is the song of hope that we all need right now. KingDarius TheGreat and Aria Marie have came together for a beautiful home run with this magnificent track.