Album Review: ‘Black Floyd’ – Boonie Mayfield

Boonie Mayfield

Roaring back to the music scene after a three year hiatus, the super talented LA based artist Boonie Mayfield has just dropped a brand new statement making album Black Floyd.

With his roots in the hip-hop scene, the Colorado Springs born musician has evolved into an artist impossible to box into one genre with this new project. The 13 track epic draws from a plethora of genres, seamlessly transitioning from one super atmospheric sonic experience to another.

Opener Bootsy Collins (All Day) sees Boonie glide into the project with a smooth finesse. It’s a real finger-clicking neo-soul ditty that gets your head bopping and instantly gets put in your date night playlist. The worst thing about this track is that Boonie sounds so slick that he might just steal your girl…

The Doubt Monster (Wherever I Go) takes you right out of that uber-confident swagger and into a much darker part of Boonie’s psych. Openly addressing his own mental health and suicidal thoughts, this track feels like sonic catharsis at it’s finest. Boonie has found beauty in the pain and it sounds great.

One of the many highlights of the album for us has to be The Self Made Era, it’s without doubt one of the most unique tracks on the project full of gems. Coming with a lo-fi post punk energy, Boonie releases his pent up aggression directly into the mic, screaming with pure unrelenting passion. Fake people watch out, Boonie has his sights set on you and he’s pulled the trigger with this one.

Overall this is one of the most dynamic albums we’ve heard all year. Boonie Mayfield has elevated his music to the next level after the hiatus, proving he’s an artist that can turn his had to virtually any genre with supreme slickness.

It’s jazz, it’s neo-soul, it’s post-punk, it’s pop, it’s poetic, it’s Black Floyd. If you want to listen to an album crafted with incredible musicianship and raw emotion, look no further.