Single Review: ‘Trees’ – Kingzlee


East London native Kingzlee is back with another huge track that’s sure to turn some heads in the scene. Trees is a laidback manifesto of inspiration from one of the UK’s most talented upcoming spitters.

Trees is an anthem for personal growth and motivation. Kingzlee simply does not waste one bar. Every word is thought through and thought provoking. He’s really for minds on Trees, you’ve got to listen back to it a couple of times to catch every gem of wisdom.

The UK hasn’t been a hotbed for so-called ‘conscious rap’ in recent years, but if anyone’s got the power to change that it’s Kingzlee. Honestly, he makes a lot of the most popular rappers in the game look levels below him lyrically.

Trees marks Kingzlee as one of the most exciting up and coming rappers in the country, easily. Simply put, he’s a UK rap philosopher that’ll you’ll all be learning about very soon!