Single Review: ‘Glasshouses’ – Conquered


We’re going rock this week on RIDE, taking a look at this brand new release by alternative rock project Conquered. Glasshouses is the first single from their upcoming EP and it’s an absolute belter.

Conquered consists of two North East fo England based musicians and producers Connor Robson and Lewis Hamilton (no, not the F1 guy). They recently changed from a five-piece into this new duo set up and it seems to be working well for them if this clean single is anything to go by.

Glasshouses hits hard from the very start, steaming it before giving release to some spellbindingly melodic vocals. It’s clear this pair has a penchant from dramatic music, their sense of atmosphere and really making you feel the emotion of this track is so on the mark.

The lyricism is powerfully raw yet still as catchy as any pop punk banger you lose your mind to on a Saturday night. Conquered have hit that perfect mid-point, combining those teeth shattering riffs and dramatic drops with enough melody and infectious empowerment that you just can’t help but stick it on replay.

Again, we just can’t get over the drama in this one. It makes you feel like you’re striding head first with confidence into the flood, bravely spirting through all of the troubles in your life and punching your way through them. Or maybe we’ve just got an over active imagination… who knows!

Either way this single is alt-rock bliss, ying meets yang, commercial meets face smashing. We absolutely love Glasshouses and we can’t wait to see what else is in store from Conquered’s upcoming EP!