Single Review: “Serotonin” – Sooletsnim

Fast rising Phoenix, Arizona based artist Sooletsnim is back with another dark indie anthem in Serotonin.

She’s been making a name for herself over the last two years with smooth listening indie lullabies that feature dark overtures and macabre lyricism.

Serotonin is without doubt one of her most atmospheric and mesmeric tracks to date. It comes with a Weeknd-esque, synth-wave beat that feels like you’re riding through a neon-lit cityscape soundtracked by Sooletsnim’s silky voice.

You really lose yourself in this track. It’s so repayable and theatric, every word is delivered with what feels like true emotion.

Sooletsnim has again marked herself as one to watch this year, she’s an artist that pushes boundaries. Serotonin is a dark dream of a track that’s whisks you away to a different world.