Single Review: “INSIDE MY HEAD” – Lyink

You might remember Lyink from our coverage of him back in November 2021 – he’s back again with another dark drama-filled single Inside My Head.

On this post-punk meets alternative rock track Lyink fights with the demons inside of his head, the voices that torment him on a daily basis. A feeling we can all relate to on some level I’m sure. We’re all our own worst enemies after all!

This self-sabotage drives Lyink to this deeply depressing hook “I wanna blow away my head, I wish that I was dead”. This chorus is as dark and despairing as they come… but some how it’s still super catchy.

Lyink has managed to create this sort of 80’s alt-rock vibe on this one where it’s a depressing, sad song but still inexplicably makes you want to dance. It’s a talent to make a track that seems to contradict itself so beautifully.

On Inside My Head Lyink has once again shown his ability to create a dark alt-rock masterpiece that you can’t help but sing along to. You can’t help but think there’s big things ahead for him soon.