Meet The Man Behind The Music, Kadeem Quick

Kadeem Quick

Kadeem Quick (Prince-Kadeem Quick, Prince-Kay) is a Zimbabwean, New York City born second generation artist, songwriter and producer for many artists based in and around Arizona and California.

As a teenager Prince-Kay traveled around the world to different countries and experienced different cultures because of his parents’ military background.

When Prince-Kay was 20 years old he started taking piano lessons in college, learning music theory and songwriting in the process. Then in around his mid-20s he started songwriting and producing music for indie artists.

Prince-Kay has produced multiple indie hits like “Nervous Condition”, “Captured”, “Blood On The Wall”, “Lucid Dreams”, “Dreams”, “Lover Like Me”, and “Peeping Tom”. Combined these tracks have made millions of unit sales!

Prince-Kadeem Quick said in an interview “One of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far is songwriting, producing and also mentoring artists. I love helping them find their niche whilst making great quality music. I believe that if you give any artist enough material to work with, they can produce great things”

Fun fact – Prince-Kay is also related to the legendary rave artist Rozalla Miller!

In the words of Prince-Kay… “I’m on God Mode…I’m CHARLENE SON!”