Single Review “9+708*!” – Molatov

This time we’re bringing you some fresh talent out of south east London. Fast rising rapper and producer Molatov is back with brand new single 9+708*! and it might just be the track to take his career to the next level.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Lancey Foux, Skepta, Young Thug and Future, Molatov’s sound is hard to force into one box. The best way to describe it is forward thinking; he takes the best things from the UK scene and the US scene, making something new out from both.

Molatov comes in with a relentless energy on 9+708*!. His flow is drilly but the beat is this super futuristic, almost Sci-Fi sounding trap banger. The hook hits hard to, it get’s stuck in your head and get’s the bass pumping.

Honestly the energy on this tune is infectious, you can tell he wants to get people to notice this one. He’s hungry for it. You need some inspiration, get this one repeat.

If you were sleeping on Molatov before, now’s the time to wake the f**k up. 9+708*! shows just how dynamic of an artist this guy is. You thought you knew what UK rap sounded like, think again.