Album Review – ‘Friday the 13th’ – 4HEES

‘Friday The 13th’ is the aptly named debut album from underground genre-splicer 4HEES, and as described by him, “it’s f**ked up music from a f**ked up dude”!

An enigmatic, masked figure, there’s not too much info online about 4HEES aside from him being based in Chicago, Illinois. So let’s let his debut effort speak for itself. What does this horror inspired artist have in store for us…?

Psychopath is a track that does a lot to sum up the tone of 4HEES’ crazy experimental sound. Spitting macabre horrorcore bars, 4HEES jumps from a dark growl to a playful pitch and back around to southern drawl. Think Ghostemane, but turn the insanity metre up another 13 notches.

The rest of the 13 track album is just as wildly unpredictable and indescribably enthralling as that track. One track could come with a super sinister vibe and the next it’s all fun and games. Well, a dark carnival style fun and games any way.

Take Razorblade for example, it’s like a crazy ghost house rollercoaster ride – it’s horrible and dark, but in a fun way that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Horror comedy rap I guess? Either way it’s super fun listen regardless.

Another standout track off the album has to be One. The chaotic dark trappy bop just encapsulates the wildness of this album. It’ll have your speakers rumbling and your car jumping. You’ve got to bump this one LOUD!

Overall, Friday The 13th is a statement making debut from 4HEES. He really doesn’t care for genres, boundaries, or anything… really. Apart from creating pure sonic horror entertainment!