Single Review: “For a Night” – Chalant

For A Night Chalant

Australian alternative R&B aficionado Chalant is back again with brand new banger For a Night.

The Sydney native has been making a big impact on the underground scene since dropping his debut mixtape in 2020. His unique blend of dark R&B and grungy vibes has been captivating more and more fans as he continues to grow as an artist.

For a Night might just be Chalant’s music exciting track to-date. Coming with The Weeknd-esque tones, Chalant weaves a story of self-aware toxicity through the veil of an ambient and atmospheric soundscape.

Chalant’s voice is as silky as ever on this one. He rides the beat with finesse, flowing with earworm melodies that float up and down whilst they draw you into his wild world.

Not only is For a Night super catchy, it’s also deeply immersive. Chalant has this innate ability to create songs that sound radio worthy whilst also having real depth and dynamism. It’s a rare skill for the modern musician!

Let Chalant transport you to his beautifully dark world of melodic bliss on For a Night. Who knows, you just might end up spending way more than just a night there!