Single Review – “Action Figure” – Raydeo


Manhattan native Raydeo is back with another banger of a track, his brand new single Action Figure!

The NYC spitter goes hard on this one, attacking a gloriously out of kilter hip-hop beat with his usual unpredictable oddball flow.

Channelling old school Tyler, The Creator, JPEG Mafia and a bit of Vince Staples, Raydeo truly carves his own late with an effortlessly charismatic flow and off the way lyricism.

You can never predict the way Raydeo is going to take the track, he’s always got you in the palm of his hands when he’s spitting. Action Figure is the perfect balance of a sharpshooter delivery mixed with absolutely chaotic lyrics.

In a nutshell, Raydeo’s sound is all about controlled chaos. You never know what he’s going to do but you know he’s going to do it well regardless, that’s what makes his music so addictively listenable. You’re putting his back catalogue on shuffle just to see what crazy s**t he pulls out of his bag of tricks next!

Raydeo is one of the most unique artists in the hip-hop scene right now. In a genre saturated with smilarity, Raydeo smashes through the mediocirty on Action Figure. It’s chaotic, it’s hard hitting and, most importantly, it’s cold asf…