Single Review: “CRASH!” – Mars Alva

Mars Alva

Houston, Texas native Mars Alva is back once again with his first single of the year, the almighty bop that is CRASH!

Expertly combining element of pop, trap and emo-rap, Mars Alva has created an unbelievably infectious melancholic banger with this new single.

CRASH! feels like his slickest effort to-date; the vocals, production and beat are all so rich with texture and atmosphere that you just get lost bopping your head along to the track.

There’s no way you can’t vibe with CRASH! You can feel the pain in Mars’ super smooth melodies and the way he almost falls into that ultra re-playable hook.

CRASH! is an absoutle dark pop anthem. Mars Alva has constructed a glistening melancholic atmosphere with his silky vocals and down-trodden 808s. Want to feel that kinda happy sad? Well this is the happy sad anthem!

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