EP Review: ‘Too Turnt’ – Keemy


Brum town has most definitely made its mark on the UK scene in recent years and the city shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Keemy is one of the most exciting artists doing his thing in Birmingham right now and he’s taken his sound to the next level on this new EP Too Turnt.

Carving his own lane with a trap sound on this EP, inspired by Atlanta’s 808 Mafia, Keemy goes hard over these 10 heavy hitting tracks.

The entire tape is produced solely by Pyrex Kenny, who Keemy has been working with since 2019. You can tell the pair know how to get the best out of each other, Keemy spitting on a Pyrex Kenny beat is a match made in trap heaven!

Through out the whole tape Keemy keeps the listener hype with his signature high energy flows on these cavernous, speaker rocking beats. It’s festival season vibes from start to finish. The perfect tape to turn on and get turnt to in the summer sun!

Keemy is doing what many artists have tried, and failed, to do in the past. He’s taking American sounds and blending them with a gritty British energy to create the perfect paring between the two styles.

It’s a tough line to walk because it’s so easy to fall one way and sound like you’re trying to bite their style rather than innovate it. But Keemy is 100% in that innovation category. His style is fresh, it’s exciting and it’s completely his own. There’s no one doing it quite like Keemy in the UK right now.

Too Turnt is an absoutle masterclass in how to do UK trap the right way. Don’t sleep on Keemy, he’s about to take things to the next level and this EP is just the start.