Single Review: “Something Strange” – The Inglorious Poet and Orfans

The Inglorious Poet

Songs influenced by current trends or the most popular TV series at the time can be pretty hit and miss. But The Inglorious Poet, alongside Orfans, have got it absolutely spot on with this Stranger Things inspired banger.

This epic collaboration has resulted in an eerie, mystical tune, brimming with 80’s synths and cavernous production. The best thing about it is that The Inglorious Poet has managed to balance the reference to the cult TV show with personal experience. He’s brought a track that could have felt like a homage to a TV show back down to earth. Fact is often stranger than fiction, and this track is some real stranger things.

The track speaks from a time when The Inglorious Poet encountered his ‘shadow self’ in lucid dreams. Recounting this as a scary and very surreal experience, IP believed that it was a result of living wrong, going off track.

When you boil it down, this is just some straight up unique UK hip-hop. The Stranger Things vibes work perfectly with IP’s steady flow and calm delivery.

This dramatic new track from The Inglorious Poet and Orfans is the perfect Something Strange is classic rap story telling through the lens of one of your favourite TV shows. What more could you ask for?