Album Review: ‘Faux Seasons’ – Dyar Elles

Dyar Elles

Atlanta based spitter Dyar Elles is back and stronger than ever with his brand new debut album Faux Seasons.

This lean four track and an intro project showcases what Dyar Elles is all about. The multi-talented rapper has used this project to flaunt his signature smooth flow and witty lyricism in the most concise way possible. It’s four tracks that are all killer, no filler…

As the name of the album suggests, Faux Seasons sees Dyar take us through each of the four seasons, one track at a time. After the intro, Dyar dives straight into Imagine Summer. It perfectly captures those summer days chilling in the park, staring into the sky whilst you daydream of all the things you’re going to achieve… just as soon as you’re finished chilling in the sunshine.

Kings Fall sees Dyar take a much more somber tone, addressing the season of change that is autumn. It’s a season that’s synonymous with things coming to an end, leaves falling from trees and nature hitting the reset button. Dyar skilfully uses these autumnal tropes to draw parallels between nature falling and human failing. It’s a touching track and without doubt one of the highlights of this album.

Cold Winter is a surprisingly jazzy number. Dyar brings that cosy festive feeling in this one, as if you’re sat in your home watching a snow storm rumble through town with a glass of red wine in hand and a roaring fire in front of you. On this track, and the whole album really, Dyar’s flow is almost poetic. He deliveries every rap in a way that would even sound great acapella.

Ending project in spring, the season of new beginnings, Dyar subverts our expectations on Reality Bites Spring, delivering the blunt message “Reality bites and this is what it sounds like”. The contrast of this harsh message over a laidback, happy beat, is a stark one. Dyar let’s us know that it isn’t all new starts and progression in spring.

Faux Seasons is a sublime slice of laidback hip-hop excellence. An emotional and personal journey through the seasons, Dyar Elles has out done himself on this one!