Single Review: “US” – Amāre

US - Amāre

Melbourne, Australia’s own Amāre is back once again with a summer banger for the ages, his brand new single US!

You may remember we covered Amāre for the first time back in November ’21, as he impressed us with his huge single October. This time he’s coming with another trapsoul R’n’B cut that’s set to be even bigger than the last.

US sees Amāre further cement himself as a leader when it comes to modern R’n’B. His trapsoul flavour mixes dark, atmospheric melodies with crooning melodic vocals to create an intoxicating mix that keeps you locked in from start to finish.

According to Amāre, US is all about the fear of a toxic ex forcing their way back into your life and ruining your current relationship. It’s a feat that I’m sure a lot of us can relate to and you can really feel the emotion in Amāre’s vocals when he’s addressing it.

As far as we’re concerned, US is Amāre’s best track to date. It perfectly captures all the best things about his contemporary R’n’B trapsoul style. The drama, the emotion, the catchiness – it’s all there like a sonic soap opera.

Amāre is undoubtedly on his road to superstardom and his brand new single US is all we need to show you to prove that statement. The Aussie R’n’B aficionado has his sights set on world domination and we can see that happening in the very near future…