EP Review: “The Seasoning” – KainThaBrain

Insatiably groovy, positive and bursting with summer vibes ‘The Seasoning‘ is the brand new EP from Californian native KainThaBrain.

Taking inspiration from the great mental place he has been in recently, KainThaBrain delivers pure, unfiltered positivity The Seasoning. It’s six tracks that embody the euphoria of spontaneous music making in the sun.

Creator of LoFi sounds, influenced by hip-hop, soul and electronica, KainThaBrain has engineered an absolute vibe on this fully instrumental project.

Each track is lean, under three minutes each, amounting to a concise listening experience that really captures that warm summer summer BBQ experience. The whole EP is bursting with funky breaks, chilled out melodies and beats that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Childish Gambino album.

Despite all of them flowing together in almost one liner 10-minute soundscape, each track has its own unique vibe, its own sonic character. Stick this on repeat at your next summer function and the mood will be just right!

KainTheBrain has flexed all of his multi-instrumentalist and production skills on this masterpiece of a summer soundtrack! ‘The Seasoning’ is exactly the sonic seasoning you’ll need for any functions this Summer!