EP Review: ‘One Of A Kind’ – Kay Maf

Kay Maf

‘One of a Kind’
 is the brand new high energy EP from London based artist Kay Maf.

Reflecting on the experience of being different and not fitting in with the crowd, One of a Kind is the story of Kay Maf’s life set over 7 entrancing tracks.

Lyrically, Kay Maf explores so many different subjects on this EP. Sure, Kay knows how to create a vibe, tracks that you could play at a party, but he also leaves his whole heart in the booth on this EP too. Kay celebrates dreams, ideas, neurodiversity, and individuality, amongst many more personal issues that we can all relate to.

Like we said earlier, what Kay Maf really does well on this EP is capture a mesmerising trappy vibe. Sounding like Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti meets D Block Europe, Kay Maf mixes that American glimmering trap sound with that melodic British wave. It’s a unique sound that helps create such a sick, high energy sonic experience.

From start to finish One of a Kind is absoutle bouncy trap bliss. Add a sprinkle of introspective lyricism and glistening beats and you’ve got one stelar EP courtesy of London’s own Kay Maf!