Single Review: “tomyimaginarygirlfriendthatimayormaynotmeetinthenext3years” – 7Seven

7Seven rapper

Emo rap is a genre in need of a revival. After going through it’s short but sweet golden-era from 2014-18 (roughly), the genre has started to become stagnant and a little overdone.

However, there is some fresh blood coming through. Some hope for the genre yet in the form of underground innovators. Once such innovator is a Chicago based musician by the name of 7Seven. His latest single “tomyimaginarygirlfriendthatimayormaynotmeetinthenext3years” is a cut that makes you stand up and take note that there’s something interesting going on here.

7Seven instantly grabs your attention with his ethereal crooning that mesmerises your senses. His vocals hit like a mix between classic Juice WRLD and XXXTentation’s slower cuts. But 7Seven’s melodic crooning still feels super unique; at times it’s all most as if his voice is his instrumentation. The beat almost entirely falls away as 7Seven beautifully harmonises his heart out.

When the beat drops and 7Seven transitions into rap-like vocals, he still keeps that melodic element that really takes hold of you throughout the track. It’s 7Seven’s complete mastery of melody that honestly makes this track sound like a hit.

The level of production, the vocals, the construction of the track, the beat, everything about this cut is top class. Emo rap used to be purely about that DIY, low quality Soundcloud vibe that was inexplicably endearing at first but soon grew tiresome. But 7Seven has completely flipped that on it’s head, hopefully ushering in a new wave of emo rap’s matured sound. If anyone can do it, it’s 7Seven.

Don’t sleep on this dude, 7Seven is an incredible talent that’s surely going to break through very soon.