Aaron Nero

Single Review: “Memory Lane” – Aaron Nero

Memory Lane is the debut single from exciting up and coming spitter Aaron Nero!

Coming right out of the gate with straight heat, Memory Lane is Aaron putting his foot down and establishing himself as a threat to the UK rap game right from the jump.

A dynamic debut in more ways than one, Memory Lane features pitched-up vocals, atmospheric piano samples, and hard trap beats that shine a spotlight on what Aaron Nero is all about.

He brings bar after bar of intelligent lyricism and wordplay on this one, never wasting a line. Although the rapper wrote this track in just one week and recorded it in just a few sessions, Memory Lane is clearly a result of years of hard work practicing his skills before deciding to officially release a track. He’s got raw talent in abundance, that’s for certain.

Aaron Nero’s impressive debut track, Memory Lane, establishes him as one to watch as we’ve move into 2023. He may have just came on the pitch, but soon enough Aaron will look to establish himself as the MVP in the UK rap scene. This track more than proves he has the ability.