There’s nothing more exciting than a debut track and today we’ve got a new cut from fresh Rhode Island duo SCATHEFIRE! Check out SUMMONER!

These guys are literally box fresh, so there’s not a lot of information available online about the enigmatic stateside pair. It’s actually a pretty good thing because that leaves us to judge them on their musical merit alone. And trust us, SUMMONER is a statement of a debut single!

Combing a spooky lo-fi guitar trap beat with effortlessly laidback vocals as the pair go back-to-back, this one is genre-breaking poetry in motion. Calling this ’emo rap’ feels real lazy, because there’s much more too it, but it wouldn’t feel out of place in a playlist next to artists like Bones, nothing,nowhere. and Lil Peep. That’s the sort of vibe we’re taking about with this dynamic duo.

Apart from the heavily atmospheric beat, what really makes this track is how the guys bounce off each other as they go back-to-back with their vocals. They both switch from understated, almost whisper rap, to high speed bars to infectious melodic hooks within a blink of an eye. It all flows together so satisfyingly well.

This cut is an instant playlist addition. It’s on repeat and it’s go us super excited to see what comes next from SCATHEFIRE.

With SUMMONER the SCATHEFIRE boys have given us a debut cut that’s everything you could want and more. Think emo rap for a new generation. If Lil Peep and co were 80s slasher movies, SCATHEFIRE are modern arthouse horror.