Single Review: “Flights Over Feelings” – 3Vybestudios


It’s not often you get groups in UK hip-hop anymore, but 3Vybestudios are an incredibly talented collective of producers, videographers and creatives that make you realise just how exciting a link-up of amazing artists like this can be.

Their latest single Flights Over Feelings is a complete injection of UK drill adrenaline that actually gets you excited about the genre again. This feels like a breathe of fresh air in a genre that’s at risk of becoming completely stagnant. 3Vybesstudio’s unique take on a fast paced drill beat with a euphoric dance melody taking the edge off in the background is such a vibe!

It’d be easy to mistake 3Vybestudios for a trio, because of the three rappers featured, but these artists are actually just three of a number of upcoming rappers that 3VS choose to spit over this beat. They challenged a bunch of fresh rappers to write verses worthy of this wicked beat and these three rose to the top.

Redrum Music, MRICO and Z£KI were the three artists choose and all three of them turn up on this track. Each of them have a unique style and flow behind the mic but they all compliment each other perfectly.

There’s so much to love about this track. 3Vybestudios have created something special and given us a chance to discover three super talented artists out of the UK on this incredible beat.

If you want some high energy drill with a brand new style and three super talented artists all on one track, then Flights Over Feelings is the track for you. 3Vybestudios are a collective worth watching, they’re stacked full of talent and truly a one stop shop of sick creative ideas.