Album Review: ‘Where twilight ends daybreak begins’ – PAT FOR NOW


Fast rising New Jersey rapper Pat For Now is back with another huge project, the monumental ‘Where Twilight Ends Daybreak Begins’!

You might remember Pat from our last review of his ‘Broke College Kids‘ mixtape, this new project is his huge follow-up to that. Now, we rated that tape pretty highly. So the question is, has Pat lived up to his own hype on this new album? Let’s find out…

The album is a pretty hefty 16 tracks long, Pat For Now has not left anything out of this one. The project is an absolute showcase of all his abilities, capturing his mellow meets electro hip-hop vibe and his soulful pop tones to the fullest. We’re going to break it down into our highlights on this album.

Mysterio was the first track to jump out at us from the project! Its shining pop meets R’n’B energy just grabs you right from the beginning. Pat For Now gives us a first look at his ultra slick vocals on this one, rhythmically bouncing across this smooth beat with cutting, attitude filled lyrics. The hook is just so infectious as well, it’s quickly apparent that PFN knows how to make a track that sticks in your head with an incredible ease.

Another obvious highlight is More! This cut again showcases PFN’s penchant for beautifully high produced edgy pop meets slick hip-hop. This track is even MORE attention grabbing lyrically, PFH doesn’t hold back with witty punchlines and razor sharp bars on this one. He’s just so slick man, you can feel the effortless cool through the track and this entire album. The whole thing just oozes finesse.

When you get to License Plate PFN totally changes the vibe up and ranks up the trap hi-hats for this banger! Despite it sounding on the surface like an easy going trap record, if you listen closer you can still feel the emotion running though this track and the real introspective lyricism. PFN keeps you on your toes with this project; he sticks with this dark pop theme throughout but changes up the vibe around every corner to show just how dynamic his sound really is.

Speaking of changing up the vibe, Dance With Her In The Rain is something COMPLETELY different. And… it’s amazing. This piano-led ballad puts the spotlight wholly on PFN’s incredible voice. This guy can really sing, this guy can really pull on your heartstrings… this guy can really write a hit.

‘Where Twilight Ends Daybreak Begins’ is a watershed moment for the exciting talent that is Pat For Now. Every cut on this album feels like it could eat up airwaves around the globe. Pat For Now knows how to make a hit and we’re in no doubt that he is a star just waiting to be found. Substance and style in abundance is what Pat For Now is all about.