Single Review: ‘Don’t Understand’ – Sface x Motion

S-Face x Motion - Don't Understand single art

One of the most exciting UK rappers on the come-up, Sface is back again with brand new banger Don’t Understand alongside fellow rising star Motion.

Don’t Understand is as hard hitting as tracks come. Leaving it all in the both, both Sface and Motion go hard on this one, bringing the energy and absolutely killing their verses.

This track is a statement of war against the UK rap status quo – these guys are looking to turn things on their head. Don’t Understand is an explicit expression of the hard work, effort and passion Sface pours into every piece of musical work he creates. The single takes aim and calls out the industry for its in your face fakery and choice to prioritise manufactured, machine-create artists whilst overlook smaller artists.

Speaking about the track, Sface told us “We wanted our lyrics to represent our struggle in the industry and go into depth of how people can just overlook underground artists in the music industry when we put our heart and soul into creating every single song.”

Despite most drill tracks being created without too much pre-thought, this masterpiece from Sface and Motion was 9 months in the making. It all began at a studio in Sface’s native Croydon where the 1 month lyric writing process between Sface and Motion took place. Clearly they wanted to make this one special and they’ve definitely achieved that.

The instrumental features all the typical drill motifs that we know and love: deep, powerful, jumping 808s paired with sub drenched kick, ingeniously sprinkled hi-hat trills and subtly interwoven melodic synths to complete this dense sonic soundscape.

Don’t Understand is a track that’s going to put the UK drill scene on notice. It’s an instant playlist addition and an absoutle banger from Sface and Motion.