Single Review: “Sleazy World” – DagaliTreech


Sleazy World is the raw new rap trap banger from Cleveland native DagaliTreech!

Inspired by the New York dark hip-hop style that’s currently on the rise, the dirty beat boasts a broad range of gritty timbres; hard-hitting 808s paired with sub driven kick, crisp & tight snare/claps, hi hats ornamented masterfully throughout and rounded off by a beautifully melodic piano track weaved in and around the harsh, abrasive other tones of the track.

However, it’s DagaliTreech’s unique delivery and vocal performance that really makes this track stand out from the pack. Dagali flows over this atmospheric beat with an almost whisper like flow, harking back to the Ying-Yang twins – including a ‘d**k’ lyric for good measure!

Dagali is much scarier sounding than those twins though, crafting an a horror-core like vibe without having to go too over the top with the tongue-in-cheek lyricism. Despite sounding dark, the song is pretty fun and the lyrics are pretty comedic. It’s like a Nightmare on Elm Street movie; it’s dark and horrible at times, but still doesn’t take itself all that serious.

This one certainly isn’t getting played out through any club speakers any time soon, but it could well be an underground anthem that you’d hear blaring out of passing cars up and down the states very soon. It’s got all the qualities to be a ‘cult classic’ if you like.

Sleazy World is an underground classic in the making from DagaliTreech. This dark rap trap banger is as gritty as it is fun. Get it banging through your speakers right now!