Single Review: “Solitude” – Axel

Axel - Solitude

London’s Axel is a fast rising UK hip-hop and garage that’s about to make 2023 his year, this new track Solitude is just the start!

Solitude is a beautifully melodic and thought provoking journey through Axel’s mind – an insight into his true, honest & vulnerable emotions and feelings towards isolation.

The beat shines throughout this track and gets your head moving straight away. Despite the upbeat nature of the instrumental, Axel’s timbre and flow is distinctly more mellow – an oxymoronic combination which works ingeniously well!

Speaking on the single, Axel said “It should be fairly natural to go hype on a beat like this one, however I have gone in the opposite direction. I think this goes to show how in real life, despite what society might say I should be doing, I do what I want to do.

Solitude comes with pros – it’s got cons of course on a Yin and Yang so I gotta take highs with the lows.”

Like Axel said, he’s an artist that enjoys subverting expectations and fusing two musical worlds together to create something truly special. Solitude is optimism and dark realism all rolled into one catchy garage package.

It’s refreshing to see an artist like Axel carving his own path, rather than just jumping on the beats that are currently popular and rehashing the same old tired lyrics. The UK scene needs more artists like Axel to bring a fresh perspective to the country’s sound.

Solitude is an incredible track that’s as raw and emotional as it is catchy. Axel is one of the most interesting artists on the come up out of the UK right now. You can’t sleep on this guy!