Rising Underground Star [USER] Salv.E talks new track “Rinse”

[USER] Salv.E - Rinse

You might remember we covered [USER] Salv.E back in November, he’s an innovative up and coming underground artist that belongs to the super creative [USER] collective.

He’s just dropped another unmissable single in Rinse and we decided it was time to find out more about this enigmatic character.

Find out more about the mysterious [USER] Salv.E and the [USER] collective in this exclusive Q&A…

For those that don’t know, who is [USER] Salv.E?

There’s two parts to the name, [USER] is the collective of musicians that I’m a part of and Salv.E (pronounced Salv-dot-E) is a name I came up with four years ago based off a roman word salve which roughly translated to “be well”. To me it’s always been more about the feeling the name gives me, and has over the past few years begun to symbolize all of the loss that my family has had.

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as atmospheric and dramatic. Every track I work on I imagine the environment it takes place in. I use a lot of ambient noise on the beats I make to bring the listener into where it takes place. There’s a lot of intention behind my production with the goal to immerse you in the track.

What inspires you to create music?

The main two things that have inspired me to create music is first my older sister. She passed away in 2018 due to an overdose on antidepressants. She was a musician and always really inspired me. I would have made this music for myself anyways, but knowing that she can’t pursue her music really motivates me to do what I can to make music for others who are also going through tough times and hopefully give them hope or just a place to feel comfortable. The other main inspiration is the nature of Oregon, which is breathtaking. When I’m out walking on a foggy day the music just comes to me.

Tell us about your latest single, “Rinse”, what’s it all about?

Rinse really isn’t a complex song, it’s just about a toxic relationship I had a long time ago.

Like a lot of your videos, this one is pretty creepy, what was the thought behind it?

I’ve always been a big fan of ominous and horror styled music videos. Being masked is just part of the image that relates to the lyrics on my album “The Depths”. I’ve always been a pretty quiet person so just the feeling of not being seen.Hide original message

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2023?

January 13th of 2023 my album “The Depths” will be released, which has this track and all of my other singles out right now on it. Alongside it will be 5 tracks that haven’t been heard yet.

Find out more about the [USER] Collective at useromega.com

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