Single Review: “Y2K!” – Freddie Wahter

Freddie Wahter

New York City’s Freddie Wahter is fast becoming one of the most exciting new faces on the international music scene and his latest single Y2K! only further proves that he’s a unique talent!

This wavy track is an absoutle vibe. On Y2K! Freddie is serving us more than just a song, it’s a sonic soundscape that really captures a certain atmosphere. It has the warmth of your favourite old VHS tape paired with the speaker booming bass hits of a club worthy hip-hop cut.

Y2K! is one of those tracks that allows you to paint your own picture, to choose your own ending if you like. It’s not one of those movies that spells it all out at the end for you, it’s up to you how you pick up what Freddie is putting down.

In a nut shell, if you’re the main character then Y2K! is undoubtably a part of your soundtrack. Specifically for those scenes if your head where you’re drifting round corners in a white drop-top Ferrari from the 80s whilst maintaining eye-contact with the camera the whole time… or whatever your fantasy happens to be.

Y2K! is to me a track that transports me back to the early 2000s, sat on Ridge Racer or Vice City in my bed room without a care in the world. That’s the beauty of this cut, it’s a soundscape that will no doubt inspire some sort of positive emotional response, it’s just so oddly comforting to listen to. But, there’s no telling what it’ll end up soundtracking in your head!

On Y2K! Freddie Wahter has produced a sublime sonic soundscape that’s bursting with nostalgia, an inexplicable warm and bass hits that would make even the crustiest old hip-hop head smile. This is just a vibe. Plain and simple. It’s on repeat from now until I want to stop feeling this good…