Single Review: “Barium” – Prime Sinister

Prime Sinister 'Barium'

Prime Sinister’s electric new single Barium is an absoutle head turner that demands the attention of the UK hip-hop scene and beyond!

Taken from his forthcoming album Long Live Syllablism, Barium is quick-witted and sharp throughout. You can tell from Prime Sinister’s measured delivery that he wants you to feel every single word. He doesn’t pen any old lyrics, these are bars that Prime really wants you too deep. It’s old school lyrical hip-hop energy at its very best.

You can’t drag yourself away from this track when it stars. Prime Sinister’s flow has a mesmeric quality that you can’t help but nod your head to. If this single is anything to go by then it’s clear Prime Sinister is really going to make his presence felt in 2023 – he’s not messing around.

Having been in the works for 2 years, Long Live Syllablism will be a new beginning for Prime Sinister, and if Barium is anything to go by then this album is going to be a monumental release for UK hip-hop in 2023. We can’t wait for this one to drop!