Single Review: “Rails” – RY!UKA


Germany is quickly becoming the hub of dark underground music globally, with so many artists on the rise. One of our favourites RY!UKA has just released a brand new hard hitting single RAILS!

At only just over 1 minute long, RAILS is a pure shot of dark rap adrenaline to the veins as RY!UKA keeps his foot on the accelerator for the entire run time. You can’t help but stick this one on repeat because it just leaves you wanting more and more of RY!UKA unique flow on the mic after every listen.

Thankfully, our need for another fix of RY!UKA is on the way in 2023! The reason RAILS is so to the point is because it’s the lead single of the Brum artist’s forthcoming EP ‘FEELINGS ARE TEMPORARY’.

The project is due to drop on February 4th 2023 via Birmingham, UK based dark music label Ezi Deth Rekord and if the rest of the tracks are anything like this one we can’t wait to hear what they bring to the table.

Speaking about the project, RY!UKA said “The EP “FEELINGS ARE TEMPORARY” contains 5 songs with a touch of dark strings, harmonic instruments combined with hard drums, 808s and catchy melodies,”

“The background behind this EP – it started with the 4th song: RAILS on a cloudy day in November when I was at the deepest point in life, like never before. I was waking up getting my phone blown up, finding out I eventually was out the night before, drinking a bottle of gin, later sending good-bye messages as videos to my friends while standing on the rails of a train-station.

“Usually, my plan was to distract myself by going out. But it was shocking to see how a distraction nearly ended. Here I was, all alone in my room, having the opportunity to put all of my emotions and broken feelings into music. Since I was uploading music regularly as a hobby on Spotify, I could reach people to feel more connected to the world. So, I started working on the song.

The lyrics, melody & the whole song RAILS came deep from my soul, I never felt that inspirational like in that moment when I was mentally broken down. My friends and rap-colleagues liked the sample I sent them, and so I decided to switch styles to this “new” vocal-technique of mine. I got motivated and turned all of my sadness, sorrow and fierceness into this EP. It’s compact and short, but it’s around seven minutes full of my thoughts, emotions and my ways to cope.”

This raw, emotional and hard hitting track from RY!UKA shows so much promise that the EP is sure to be one of the most exciting German underground releases of the year. RAILS is only the beginning for this unique talent!