Meet DILZ | New Blood Q&A


Fast rising UK rapper DILZ has just dropped his brand new ‘THE INF1NITY TAPE’ mixtape and it absolutely bangs!

There’s not a lot online about who this enigmatic artist is, so we checked in with DILZ for an exclusive Q&A to find out what the artist is all about. Check it out below…

For those that don’t know, who is DILZ?

I am formally known as Dylan. Im a artist from the UK the music I make gives you a insight on myself and the world I co-exist in. “The voice is a powerful tool and mine will be used to express and heal”.

How long have you been making music?

I have been writing for a long period of time. Only recently 2-3 months ago I decided to leap in and make some music again.

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as Raw, Gritty and grimey depending on the mood of the track. I find its better for the listener to decide what they hear and feel. As most art is up for interpretation. 

Who are your biggest inspirations – in music and life?

I have many inspirations musically speaking the 90’s of Rap/Hip-Hop has had a infulence on the sound I produce via my words. Except for that artists such as Daylyt, Ab-Soul , Eminem , 2pac just to mention a few as the list is long…

You’ve just dropped a new EP, ‘THE INF1NITY TAPE’, can you tell us the inspiration behind that project?

The inspiration behind the project “THE INF1NITY TAPE” is the ability to be able to express ones self freely without the feeling of judgement behind the views and words used. Using transparency.

What’s your favourite track from the tape? 

All of them have a special place in me. The listeners can decide. 

Finally, what can we expect from DILZ in the rest of 2023?

More projects, improvement and evolving my sound the best way I can , more gems, and more love.