Single Review: “Money Is Power” – Slug G

Slug G

Money Is Power is the latest release from the mind of one of the UK’s most enthralling up and coming rap talents, Slug G.

Pouring a sense of rawness and authenticity into part of this track, Money Is Power is hard hitting and endlessly replayable in equal measure.

Slug G employs his signature thought provoking lyricism, fused with an incessantly catchy flow to truly capture the listener in what is an undeniably cold track that’s got people’s heads turning. It’s one of those ones where you’ve really got to listen to it a few times before you deep the message.

The track offers an intriguing new perspective on the detrimental damage to society’s mindset that money causes. Speaking about the single, Slug G said: “My pain fills the air as the song flows through – money can be so loved against another human and I just want to shout at the constructs that have been built around me because I hate it, and I hate that I need it and what we have to do to get it, just to stay alive and thrive.

If you’re looking for a thought provoking but remarkably fresh new hit to stick in your rap playlist then look no further! Money Is Power proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that Slug G is one to watch in the UK. You simply cannot afford to sleep on this guy!