Single Review: “Stinkz” -HR

A sublime slice of chill rap bliss, HR’s new single Stinkz is already one of our favourite drops of 2023!

A direct insight into his infatuating mind, Stinkz sees HR pour his hear out behind the mic in the most poetic and easy listening way possible. Think J-Cole meets Knuckz, it’s that sort of deep but super replayable vibe.

Inspired by the end of his own relationship, HR ingeniously drew lyrical inspiration from a deep conversation with a close friend about being single and how they maybe, ‘didn’t appreciate the women in our life when they were there.’

The track is drenched in raw emotion and bursting with authenticity, Stinkz is such a quality listen from start to finish. With help from the impeccable instrumental from awesome producer 2s and inch perfect production from studio engineer Ken Samson, the track was brought to life after the lyrics being tested over several different instrumentals. We’re glad he stuck with this one, because it captures the emotion of the lyricism perfectly.

Lines like “when the sun goes down am I on your mind cos I know you be on mine, I thought they said it was out of sight out of mind but I ain’t seen you in time,” idyllically capture the essence of bitter heartache portrayed by HR.

Stinkz is an essential listen for any self-respecting UK rap and hip-hop fan. This awesome chill rap masterpiece is one of the best tracks HR has ever dropped and possibly even one of our favourite tracks of 2023 so far!