Single Review: “One Way” – KTM Henny ft. wewantwraiths, Ay Huncho

KTM Henry

Born in New Zealand and now based in Brisbane, Australia, KTM Henny is bringing us fresh heat from the other side of the globe as he links up with UK heavy hitter wewantwraiths and fellow aussie driller Ay Huncho for One Way!

Despite this only being KTM Henny’s second release, he’s clearly already made a mark on the global drill scene given this UK link-up track. One Way feels like an absolute anthem. It hits hard and makes no apologies for being as gritty as possible.

wewantwraiths brings that catchy melodic hook that takes the edge off the track and makes it instantly more replayable. The combination of KTM Henny and Ay Huncho’s hard hitting bars with wewantwraiths’ catchy chorus is the perfect recipe for a track that’s easily going to take over playlists across the globe.

If you hadn’t heard of KTM Henny before this one, get ready to see his name all over the place. Mark our words, KTM might just be the next big thing on the global drill scene. He’s already proven he can transcend out of the Aussie drill box and make internationally appealing tracks. World domination is surely on the cards! Mark our words.

One Way is without doubt one of the coldest drill releases of 2023 and it’s got the potential to be an international hit. KTM Henny is someone that you’ve got to stand up and take notice of if you’ve got any interest in drill music. He’s next up!