Single Review: “More Than Cold” – Kinetik & Weejii

Kinetik & Weejii

It’s summer time and that means you need to get your summer playlist updated with some cold tunes, “More Than Cold” by Kinetik and Weejii is an absoutle must add!

Exactly what it says on the tin, “More Than Cold” is an absoutle sub-zero drum and bass banger that’s absouley going to soundtrack your summer 2023.

The pair of experienced emcees go back to back over one of the hardest D’n’B beats I’ve ever heard, firing witty punchlines and cutting bars at breakneck speed.

The tune is totally hypnotic from start to finish and both Kinetik and Weejii sound smooth as can be on this one. There’s no slipping, no out of pocket flows, the whole thing is on-point even with the super high energy pace.

We’ve had this one on repeat since we first heard it and we know you will too. It’s just got that addictive factor that’s hard to pin down. Everything works in his perfect storm of D’n’B madness.

“More Than Cold” is the drum and bass banger that you need in your life for summer 2023! Emcees Kinetik and Weejii have constructed one of the iciest tracks you’re likely to hear all year, it’s hard hitting and absolutely hipnotic!