Twitter Spotlight: The Black Delta Movement

Q: For those that don’t know, who are The Black Delta Movement?
A: We’re a five-piece psychedelically tinged heavy garage rock & roll outfit from Kingston Upon Hull, England.
Q: Tell us about some of the influences behind your Seven Circles EP and what it’s all about.
A: It’s all down to interpretation I suppose but for me, it had a very dark vibe to it. The lyrical content (on Seven Circles especially) was written as a loose narrative, the idea of a descent into hell. Some may read it as a political statement but really I wanted to leave it open ended. I don’t like to preach in our music, just throw ideas out there.
Q: You’re embarking on a massive UK and European tour next month, are you looking forward to that? 
A: Really excited, yeah. It’s a big stint and a lot of mileage so it’s equally daunting at the same time. We’ve been working on touring Europe for a few years now but for one reason or another it’s not worked out unfortunately so we’re just buzzing to finally be doing it.
First of many we hope!
Q: Which country or venue are you most excited to play? 
A: We’re just excited to get stuck in really, I couldn’t possibly name a specific city or venue we’re the most looking forward to because either it’s in a city we know and love or it’s the great unknown which is a real buzz.
We are excited for our homecoming show afterwards as well though – we love Hull.
Q: What can the fans expect from a BDM show? 
A: Ear ache!
Q: Finally what does the rest of 2017 hold for The BDM? 
A: We’re going back into the studio in May to record a new single and then we’ll be playing a few festivals and touring extensively at the end of the year with any luck. We’ve got options all over the world so we want to smash into them as soon as we can!
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by Johnathan Ramsay