Artist of the Week – E-Mence (#3)



Sunderland based rapper - E-Mence

Picking this week’s Artist of the Week was tough, again the North East’s hip-hop scene seemed to be making the most noise – so that quickly narrowed my choice down. Then…E-Mence dropped two new videos and a new track, all within the space of a week… it had to be him.

So, here we have another MC from Wearside taking the AOTW spot, but one very different from the last. E-Mence is on somewhat of a comeback mission, embracing hip-hop again early last year after a three year hiatus, following a brush with a less than reputable record label.  With a new album on the horizon, titled Live Fast, Die Young, the young MC looks to be ruthlessly determined to make it to the top by any means necessary – it seems that all rappers from Sunderland share this same highly impressive work rate.

E-Mence’s look and sound however, do make him stand out from his Wearside counterparts. E’ has a distinctly clear flow that doesn’t incorporate as much slang and local dialect as the majority of the artists from the region – this, paired with his dark lyrics and style that’s more ‘rocker’ than ‘rapper’, makes E-Mence one of the most individual artists in the scene – not to mention one of the most talented.

by J.Ramsay

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