LA Or Bust, 16 Year Old Rapper Buppy Is All In | New Blood

Buppy rapper

Fresh faced Buppy has talent beyond his years. The teenage artist and producer recently made the move from his native Park City, Utah, to LA, chasing his dream of making it in music. At only 16 years old, Buppy is one of the most driven new artists we’ve ever featured.

Discover Buppy and his music below in this exclusive interview with RIDE…

How would you describe your sound?

Overall, my sound adheres to the Pop-Rap and Alternative Hip-Hop scenes. I try not to classify myself to one genre though because I like to explore all different types of music. The one thing that bares resemblance across all my music is my emotional integrity. I feel it of most importance to be upfront with my listeners, and take them through the entire emotional ride, whether I possess bad or good emotions at that time.

Give us a little insight into what got you started in music and when you decided to take it seriously.

Most people are from music families, or were born into it, I just picked up a drumstick when I was six. My mom got me a little pad to drum with after I found the drumstick and ever since I made music. I decided to really revamp my artist pages and take it seriously in the winter of 2019. When I was finally able to prioritise music, my talent was multiplied by a factor of ten, really having that time to sit down with my tracks helped me a lot.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

Peep inspired me to start making music on a serious level. I also draw strong musical inspiration from Trippie Redd, Role Model, Riz La Vie, and TheHxliday.

Who do you look up to that’s making music now – are there any other underground artists we should be following?

I look up to some of my fellow undergrounds quite a bit as well. Kaiser York is a up-and-coming artist I’m close with, who inspires all with his talent every day. ✦kenji✦ is a similar situation where his music literally just blows me away. Everything that kid creates is a masterpiece.

How have you been dealing with this pandemic?

I’ve just been sitting inside, smoking, and writing music. I use some of the extra time to put work into my branding and image, I also have started really getting into promotion techniques. I’m just taking it a day at a time, the pandemic is only stressful if you let it be. Luckily I wasn’t too screwed over, my job was still available, no one closed to me passed away, for the most part, all was well.

Finally, what’s your plans for the rest of 2020?

I’m super excited actually! I’ve just moved to Los Angeles, CA. My new track “Alexis Texas” just dropped. Plus, I have a wicked video coming for that song. From there, I’m just gonna keep dropping music every month, and work hard on building up my label, Resonance Entertainment.