Single Review: “Be Patient” – Loverground.


Yet again, Loverground makes it almost impossible to keep your feet off the ground with his dreamy new synth pop bop “Be Patient”. Steadily, the French-Argentinian artist has worked his way towards a Tame Impala-esque signature, that’s grown in acclaim and with good reason: it’s everything you could want from an excellent pop song. “Be Patient” – much like his singles “Easy :)” and “About You” – are catchy, warm, and brimming with positive vibrations.

Kevin Erlicher – the musician behind this project – has been refining his sound over the last few years. Previously, he fronted the indie band Smooth Ends and has gone from strength to strength, featuring on a number of well appreciated Spotify playlists. Having ditched the guitar riffs found in ‘Smooth Ends’ for something more Lo Fi and house-y with the alias Loverground, his latest track “Be Patient” feels like an ode to a summer of barbeques and sunny pre-drinks in your mate’s garden flat. Listening conjures thoughts of mild evenings, bright summer sun and an ice cold beer in your somewhat-sweaty palm.

In a statement given to Back Plastic, Erlicher states the song was in response to the musician feeling lost – and that the lyrics were snippets of advice for his future self. He suggests when talking about his life and career “There is still some work to do but it feels like it is going in the right direction”.

I have to agree with him about the direction he’s going in: the result of his creative synthesis is something that is bouncy, future-affirming and bright.  


Sophia Ball

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