EP Review: ‘Acidemia’ – Forest Electronic

Forest Electronic

Forest Electronic is a Plymouth, England based multi-genre DJ and producer that’s just released a banging new three track EP ‘Acidemia‘.

The EP’s three tracks have been distinctly set out to show you the full range of FE’s talents. One track is Acid Techno, the other Tech House and finally Deep House.

The similarity with each of them though, is that they’re all absolutely intoxicating. These tracks will have you turning your living room into a rave and pissing off your neighbours within minutes.

“Acidemia” makes you feel like you’re in some scene from the Blade trilogy, raving away with the world around you spinning – Wesley Snipes could walk in the room and start beheading vampires in front of you and you would be too entranced by this track to care.

“Kickin’ Sand” provides some relief from your enjoyable, if a bit jarring, blood rave fantasy by bringing some sunshine through your speakers. Like the name suggests, this cut will have you pining for a sandy beach to dance the day away on.

“IO-22”, the Deep House cut, might be our favourite track off this EP. It’s just so mellow and carefree. It had me sinking into my chair whilst writing this, off in a daydream fully sound-scaped by Forest Electronic.

‘Acidemia’ is an incredibly slick EP from Forest Electronic that’ll get you ready for clubs reopening regardless of what kind of club-goer you are. Let FE take you away from the mundane and into his world of sonic bliss.