EP Review: ‘RESURRECTION’ – Mykez 2Nation

Mykez 2Nations

When you think of the UK rap scene you probably think of London, then Manchester and maybe even Birmingham, but Southampton? Nah… but Mykez 2Nation might just be the guy to change that.

The musician, songwriter and producer’s latest EP ‘Resurrection’ looks to put both him and his city on the rap map for good. The ten track project is filled to the brim with hard hitting drill bangers and a couple of glistening trap cuts for good measure.

Mykez has been making music for over a decade now, first getting into producing and songwriting for other artists in 2011. And you can hear that experience paying off on ‘Resurrection’ – the production is slick, bars delivered with clarity and precision, and the punchlines witty.

What makes this project stand out from the crowd is the emotion that you can feel Mykez puts into every track. You know he’s leaving it all in the booth every time. It doesn’t matter if it’s aggression, braggadocio or happiness – you can be sure you’ll feel it in Mykez’ delivery.

On “Tom Brady” you can really feel the dark, creepy vibe created by Mykez and Lee Mason – it’s palpable, like the build up of a good thriller movie.

Mykez is also at his best on this project when he’s on his sarcastic, cocky shit. On “CATCH NO M” he sounds like vintage JME the way he delivers bars with almost comedic timing before transitioning with finesse into the crud-filled chorus.

“Resurrection” might be Mykez 2Nation’s most solid project to date. It’s aggressive, dynamic and, most importantly, replayable. Mykez is one of the hardest out of Southampton, it’s time we put some respect on his name.