Single Review: Pablo Vereda – “Saliva” ft. BABYODA

Pablo Vereda

Who’s your favourite Brazilian rapper? I’m sure you probably don’t have an answer for that question. So, let me introduce you to Pablo Vereda – your new favourite Brazilian rapper!

Featuring Babyoda, “Saliva” is an intensely modern sounding hip-hop banger. It’s slick, glistening trap sounds create this ethereal vibe that transports you to another world inside your head.

Pablo takes huge inspiration from Playboi Carti and his work with producer Pi’erre Bourne on this track – specifically the synth sounds used on Carti’s ‘Die Lit’ album opener “Long Time”. You can really hear the influence on “Saliva”, Pablo captures that Carti-esque trap vibe with his synthesised sound and artful use of auto-tune that’s just so incredibly replayable.

“Saliva” is a glistening summer banger from one of the most exciting artists coming out of Brazil right now. Pablo Vereda is an artist on the rise – don’t sleep on this one!