Single Review: “Flowers” – ZolileZa ft. Alexis-Rae


Lush textures and a summery LoFi vibe, “Flowers” is the new single to come from Soul and Hip-Hop artist ZolileZa. Featuring guest vocals from Alexis-Rae, “Flowers” captures that hot hazy feel of summer love in the city.

“The song speaks about connecting to someone on a deeper level,” said ZolileZa.

“Sharing your pleasure and pressure points in the hope of building something that will stand the test of time.” 

The track feels like an act of rebellion against the instant gratification society that we live in today where nothing is made to last. It’s slick, smooth and oozing with style too. ZolileZa’s melodies are flawlessly stylish. He flows with a laidback finesse that creates such a vibe on this cut.

“Flowers” is the first single to come from ZolileZa’s upcoming ‘Nine Nine’ EP which is expected to land later this year. And if this track is anything to go by then the EP will no doubt be an absolute must listen.

ZolileZa is a unique artist that seems to have captured that effortless cool of R&B artists of the past and injected it into his soulful modern hip-hop sound. The smoothness of this guy’s music is unmatched. The only way is up for ZolileZa this year!