Single Review: “Still Kingin'” -xthamusician


You haven’t heard of xthamusician? Well you’re about to, because he is one of the coldest new artists making a name for himself in the UK and his debut single “Still Kingin'” is one of the strongest tracks we’ve heard all year.

xthamusician is trying to put Huddersfield on the rap map with this one and his cadence is one of the most unique coming out of the UK right now. His deep voice flows over the ethereal beat like he’s a UK Pop Smoke.

X does have this American style to his delivery that you can’t quite describe, because he still comes with that greezy British attitude and grit. It’s like the best of both worlds and he does it all with such finesse that it looks easy for him.

We can’t wait to see where xthamusician goes next, he’s got bags of talent and could easily hold his own with some of the best in the UK. This solid single “Still Kingin'” more than proves his talent.