Album Review: ‘Sonic Revelation’ – Vandi


Covering the best up and coming artists on RIDE, you tend to find that some are open than others. But it’s pretty exciting when you find a real enigma, someone that so little is known about them that they force you to focus only on the music. That’s exactly the situation we’ve got with Vandi and his debut album Sonic Revelation.

There are some reports that say Vandi is from San Francisco, but we can’t confirm if that’s true and quite frankly we don’t really care… because the project is awesome regardless of where he’s from!

Of course, we went into the 7 track Sonic Revelation not having a clue what to expect. Maybe we thought some straight up, regular ass rap music. How very wrong we were… this project is far from regular.

Sonic Revelation is truly a sonic experience. Not many artists nowadays make projects like this one, that create a one whole sonic narrative rather than just being a selection of tracks thrown together. Think Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon; it’s that kind of moody, experimental and psychedelic vibe we’re taking about but framed inside the space of modern trappy hip-hop and glistening production.

The project starts with this super ethereal, almost church-like instrumental track, transitioning with a crash into 38 seconds of wavey vibes courtesy of some outstanding production. By track three we actually get into some vocalised rap and boy is it banger after banger from there on. The beats are always pushing the envelope through-out this album and Vandi flows over all of them with an innate finesse.

You just never know what to expect from Vandi on Sonic Revelation and that’s why we absolutely love it. For fans of Lil Uzi Vert, Playboy Carti and Travis Scott… not that Vandi really sounds like any of those dudes, he’s fully in his own ethereal rap lane, but it’s a similar vibe in a lot of respects.

The enigmatic Vandi has made a statement with Sonic Revelation… because it truly is a revelation. This is more than a hip-hop album, it’s a sonic experience that you simply can’t afford to sleep on…