Album Review: ‘Transcendental Souvenirs’ – The Mietus Touch

The Mietus Touch

And now for something completely different… you know at RIDE we love bringing you the freshest of the fresh when it comes to new music and today we’ve really got a treat for you. It’s the highly anticipated debut album from The Mietus Touch, introducing Transcendental Souvenirs.

The brain child of Chicago based multi instrumentalist Joseph Mietus, The Mietus Touch sees him put his diverse range of musical skills together to create what we can only describe as pure sonic bliss!

The groovy seven track album is hard to put in a box genre-wise. It has this upbeat, sensual vibe throughout but Joseph hasn’t stuck to one particular sound. He expertly melts dreamy bedroom pop, r&b, indie and even a sprinkle of jazz together to create a delicious feast for the ears. It’s just so, so easy to lose yourself in his soft vocals and clould-like beats that transport you off to another realm.

Joseph hasn’t taken the route on any one of these seven tracks, he’s always pushing the envelope with ideas and sounds that are out of the box. That’s what keeps you tuned in throughout, the silky smooth transitions and riffs that hit just right, never feeling flat.

This whole project is an emotional rollercoaster, not just in the way that Joseph creates the soundscape but also in his lyrics. He opens himself up, telling stories of love, heartbreak and friendships gained and lost, all with a blissfully dreamy backdrop.

Transcendental Souvenirs is a sublime slice of dreamy bedroom pop that transports you into a world of bliss! As far as debut albums go, The Mietus Touch has hit a home run with this one!